CicLAvia is an event held in Los Angeles where streets are closed to motor vehicles and open for the public to walk, bike, and skate through the open streets. Each CicLavia event is planned by the nonprofit organisation CicLAvia in partnership with the City of Los Angeles.[1] The event takes place on a given Sunday and is open for a predetermined set of hours. This started out as a once-a-year occurrence but later expanded to 3 times a year. In fact, plans to have CicLAvia once a month are in the works. While primarily intended for cyclists, many people can be seen skateboarding, running, or walking down the path.[2] Each street that is closed off is guarded by traffic officers who direct the cars to alternative routes through Los Angeles. On some streets the traffic lights are still in service, which means the bikers and pedestrians must abide by the traffic laws. LAPD Traffic Divisions and LADOT Parking Enforcement Traffic Officers are guarding each intersection to allow ultimate safety of the community during this event. CicLAvia brings together densely populated and diverse neighbourhoods through a bike route. The event now attracts over 100,000 participants and expands to connect even more neighbourhoods.