Technical Designer

What can you do for us ???

  • Highlights of job Requirements                            
    •         Knowledge of various garment constructions and production friendly techniques        
    •         Knowledge of fabrics and special handling                    
    •         Able to follow client specifications, details, manuals, and protocols             
              Use of digital camera with fit comments                     
              proper garment measuring techniques                    
    •         Outstanding follow-up skills required                        
    •         Outstanding communication across company and with our overseas factories         
    •         Fast paced high volume output needed                    
          Provide detailed fits comments to factory, with knowledge of fit, balance and eye for design
        Knowledge of grading and general pattern corrections                
    Highlights of personal requirements                        
    •         Five years of related experience                        
    •         General industry knowledge from concept to floor                
    •         Knowledge and experience with the Bill of Materials                
    •         Knowledge of all types of garment components and their usages and applications in production
  • Working with Target Apparel

If this sounds like a position you genuinely want to fill, send us your resume and cover letter telling us about yourself and why you would like to work with us.

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